Dana Vaccarelli x Parachute

Dana Vaccarelli is a local artist and designer who originally studied graphic design but has always preferred hand drawing and sculpting. 
An extension of her art practice, Dana is the co-founder of Ciudad de Espejos, a jewelry design studio based in Brooklyn.

Dana’s playful design for Parachute Brooklyn’s Fall window translates the loose, organic forms of her surreal collages and illustrations into a whimsical, three dimensional space. 

Drawing inspiration from marine life, Italian architecture, and even pasta shapes, her window design evokes graphic prints of the 1980s, reimagined in a contemporary palette.

“I have always been interested in paper cutouts and mobiles, so for this window I wanted to take those concepts and make them three dimensional.  The smaller objects were created using cardboard and paper mache.  The larger objects are made from paper and iridescent plastic fabric to add a bit more depth and to provide contrast to the smaller piñata-like objects.”

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