Our Mission

Parachute Brooklyn shop owners, founder

In an effort to combat landfill waste produced by the fashion industry and to promote sustainability, Parachute Brooklyn serves as a clothing exchange store for kids. T
he store offers lightly used and vintage clothing for newborns - 10 year olds.

Adhering to a circular economy, Parachute Brooklyn operates as a buy/sell/trade model. Parents have the opportunity to cash in on their children’s lightly worn, outgrown clothing or trade it for something else. Sellers are given the option to receive 25% of the retail value in cash or 50% in trade.

The store offers a variety of commercial and designer brands, a vintage collection ranging from the 1950s-1990s and a selection of new accessories all at an array of price points.  

As a service to their customers, Parachute Brooklyn acts as a donation drop-off site. This includes stained or damaged pieces. Items that are not purchased for resale in-store are donated to Yadestiny Treasure ChestWearable Collections and Little Essentials

Co-founders Carly Boonparn & Ambra Markos met through the friendship that kindled between their 3 year old daughters at school. Their partnership spawned after discovering their common interests in sustainability and fashion. Boonparn has 15 years experience as a manager at the local buy-sell-trade clothing chain, Beacon’s Closet. Markos holds a degree in Fashion Design from FIT and has worked as a production manager for brands such as Rag & Bone and Madewell. Both women have lived in Greenpoint, Brooklyn for over a decade.

“As local residents we are honored to provide a sustainable business to families in our community. Through the resale cycle we aim to extend the lifespan of clothing thus minimizing the impact on the environment”.