Katt Jones x Parachute

Katt Jones is a local designer, illustrator and mother. Originally from the UK, she moved to New York 3 years ago with her husband. 

Illustration and design has been a passion for Katt since childhood. Her work includes the use of bright colors, varied materials and different techniques to evoke a sense of joy and humor.

Katt originally studied graphic design, model making, and animation before falling into the world of greeting card illustrations, character design and paper products. She worked as an in-house designer for several top UK companies for 7 years before embarking on her freelance adventures. 


These days she mostly focuses on surface pattern design for textiles and enjoys being a full time mummy to her extremely busy one year old son and sweet dog “Bert the Whippet”. 

“This is my first ever window display which has been very exciting to work on and it’s been wonderful to make and create larger scale 3D characters. This project came with its own set of challenges for me to solve, one mainly being where on earth to create and store four big robots away from tiny hands and paws in my humble New York sized apartment. I wanted to echo Parachute Brooklyn’s sustainability ethos in my work, so all my robots used recycled materials from the local community.”

Katt's greeting cards are available in-store and online

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