Naked Label x Parachute

Our latest window installation features local floral designer Allison Press of Naked Label. 
This multifaceted artist draws inspiration from nature in all she creates.

You started as a jewelry designer. How did plants come into the picture?

After living in NYC for so long I realized I needed more green in my life and got really into plants. My favorite plant store also sold flowers. They always had tropical blooms, which are so sculptural and intriguing. For fun I decided to do their floral design internship program and fell in love. I’ve been working with flowers ever since. It also inspired me to design homeware, planters came first and a line of vases will be coming out soon!

What inspires you as an artist?

Lately, I’ve been really inspired by color theory, organic lines, and outer space. Nature is a constant inspiration.

What is the inspiration behind the installation at Parachute Brooklyn?

Spring Blooms. Combining colorful, fun and unexpected elements. Creating organic and abstract pieces that interact with each other in an array of floral-esc designs.


Are you a mermaid?

Always have been, always will be :)



Shop Allison’s jewelry & homeware line:

photos by jeremy james

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