Plastic Flowers

Lucia Harmon is a Brooklyn based multi-medium artist. Focusing primarily on painting, she enjoys having friends and family pose for her work or taking inspiration from her photographic documentation of daily life. Lucia is proud to extend her passion and works as an art teacher with preschoolers. 


"Carly and I have worked together at Beacon’s Closet for many years. When she told me about starting Parachute I was ecstatic! Doing a window display as an art installation for a kids store had been a dream of mine for a while now. The one thing I knew was that I wanted to work with an interesting material. 


Working with kids I've noticed that found objects or discarded materials are frequently the most inspiring when creating. Inspiring to them, but also to myself. Watching the way their brains see things so open ended-ly has changed the way I see everything. Looking at a material differently before you discard it and realizing the endless possibilities becomes a way of life as a preschool teacher. 

The amount of waste I see is what inspired me to reuse materials from home for this project. I had been researching fusing plastic bags to make a material out of them. Carly and Ambra were excited about using plastic bags as the window display because it pairs so well with their business model of sustainability and reducing waste.

We decided on a whimsical floral theme for spring. I knew once the bags were fused together I’d have endless opportunities with the material. What surprised me was how pliable and mold-able the material was. Using heat I successfully made the installation using only plastic bags and wires. By layering different colored bags I was able to create layers of colors throughout the petals and leaves. The whole project was so fun to create! I am thankful to the Parachute crew to be able to create something so fun out of something otherwise discarded." 
- Lucia Harmon


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