Puppetsburg Pop-Up July 12th


"Bacchanalian GRECO-ROMAN Show!" 

When we travel to ANCIENT GREECE, we become baby archaeologists and put together a shattered vase, and scale MOUNT OLYMPUS to meet some of our favorite Greek Goddesses! The show climaxes with an unforgettable Bacchanalian flower + grape ritual. Get ready to dress in togas and leaf-crowns, choose your own Greek God or Goddess mask, and experience ancient flute music like never before. #athena #babiesintogas #ancienthistory 


Puppetsburg is interactive puppet shows for the youngest audiences. Join us for a fresh new show each week, like "Farm to Table with Old McDonald," "The BEYONCE Show," or "Clementine goes to Burning Man!"

Puppetsburg is edgy babytainment for the new generation of parents. You'll love the integration of cultural, educational, and language elements into each show, as well as regular visits from celebrity puppet guests like Michael Jackson, Ai Wei Wei, and Ru Paul.

Engaging for munchkins and adults alike, each story is broken into activities like dancing, instruments, interaction with our artisanal handmade puppets, bubble time (!), and a new dress-up #Photo-op each week. (Favorites include dressing your munchkins up as sushi, our favorite Williamsburg graffiti, or even Baby Gaga. . . )

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