Rebels & Pebbles


Maria Heredia is a Brooklyn mother and a self taught seamstress. She was gifted a sewing machine at the age of 25 and quickly started to reconstruct all her vintage clothing finds. Originally born in Argentina and raised in Miami, Maria moved to New York where she sold her reconstructed vintage to local shops.

"I started making the dolls after walking into a shop and falling in love with a handmade doll that I wanted to buy for my niece, but could not afford it.  So I went home and tried to make her one that was similar."

Maria's dolls are all handmade with repurposed and vintage fabrics. "I use mostly fabrics I have found in vintage stores, craft fairs or old clothes. I am addicted to fabrics so at times I do buy new fabrics here and there, but try to use every bit of it."


"Vintage and the 70's are a big inspiration for me. I also LOVE color. My dolls are almost always a bit sweet, colorful and sometimes a little punk rock!"

Maria's one-of-a-kind dolls are now available in-store!

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