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Ice-Dyed Bamboo Kid Socks

Ice-Dyed Bamboo Kid Socks

The Wildest Company

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Our Bamboo Kid Socks literally stop people in their tracks! They are made of 94% Bamboo rayon (and 6% Spandex for the stretch) which makes them uber soft yet super durable & breathable.

The kid socks come in four sizes.
2-3 years old 
3-4 years old 
4-6 years old 
6-9 years old 


  • Blue Lagoon will be in a spectrum of Celadon, Jade Blue, Teal Blue, & Cobalt Blue.
  • Desert Waves will be in a spectrum of Peach, Teal Blue, Chamois, Taupe, & Burnt Orange.
  • Dusty Hues will be in a spectrum of Soft Pink, Wisteria, Dusty Pink, Ice Blue.
  • Golden Hour will be in a spectrum of Coral, Dusty Pink, Marigold, Sherbet Orange & Magenta.
  • Ultraviolet will be in a spectrum of Wisteria, Dusty Blue, Ice Blue, & Royal Purple.

Due to the nature of our unique dyeing process, each piece can vary slightly in color and pattern. Items within each batch may vary in the spectrum of the colorway.

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