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Woven Tote - birthday cake

Woven Tote - birthday cake

Mision De Caridad

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Kid-size woven tote

These handwoven totes are made out of recycled plastic sourced from Central Mexico. Each basket features a tag with the story of the woman who made it. Each basket is handwoven specifically for you! Made in Mexico

1. 100% handmade with ethically sourced materials
2. Unlined, waterproof, and made with love
3. Fairtrade
4. Quality craftsmanship and made to last

Length: 6 inches
Height: 7 inches
Width: 4.5 inches
Handle: 9 inches
*Sizes may vary slightly. Plastic absorbs color differently - so exact color may vary slightly in hue

About Mision De Caridad

Misión de Caridad (MdC) is a non-profit that serves migrant and refugee women and children who have fled extreme poverty, violence, and/or persecution. Our products are handmade by women in our Women’s Work Program to help them earn a fair wage in Mexico. Through this program the women have a reliable and flexible source of income, as well as hope for a better future. While the women make the bags, their children can attend our educational programs and receive a daily meal. The Mision de Caridad programs are designed to have an impact and address the holistic issues that families in poverty face. We provide clean water, medical, dental and vision screenings, programs to promote healthy eating and encourage exercise, work programs for women, academic programs for children to succeed and stay in school, and humanitarian aid to address the immediate need of food, water, clothing and supplies.

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